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Terra Firma

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"Peter's  stark, sere images, whether of the high desert, the high Sierra, or of a thousand-year-old lodge pine effortlessly take one on a journey through space and time.  Itís not just the subject matter that calls to mind Ansel Adamsís work.  Itís the timeless, limitless clarity of the images themselves that create that sense of awe and humility about the planet we live on".-Alexander L. Aldrich, Executive Director, Vermont Arts Council


"a master of black and white conversion and processing in the digital age. ...signature contrast and tone make for beautiful visuals and strong drama in the photographs... Where some see "understated and calm.... sensitive" I see the living, some times conflicting sides of nature... Another sign of what makes a good photograph, or any other art form... is what everyone sees in it.."

-Jean Bardaji, Leica Boutique


  "I love working in classic black and white. Taking the impact of Commercial away from an image breaks it down to the true tonal range and invokes in me a sense of depth and clarity. I find it intriguing to study a subject to find whether I can remove the Commercialís emotional impact to achieve that elusive sense of wonder and depth, yet still inspire a profound connection to the viewer by making my prints come alive as much as possible."


Photographic prints are available for purchase as well as commissioned work, publications, stock, and gallery inquiries. Simply follow the links or click the email link with any queries or questions.



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