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Once upon a time in the early 60s there was a towheaded little boy who had so many Hot Wheels cars that his mother didn’t know where to put them all. So she decided to plop the boy on a large couch, and with the help of his sister, they lined up every car on the couch to count them. By the time they were done, there wasn’t much of the boy left to be seen. They had also lost count. His father found this all quite amusing, proceeding to grab a Brownie camera and photograph the scene. “OH, what is THAT?!?, said the little boy, and his father just laughed. Almost a half century later, what you see here, is what became of the little boy and the cameras that followed….


Peter has a great love of trees, winter, and vintage autos that often figure prominently in his images. He predominately works in Black and White. For over 25 years, he worked throughout the US and Europe as a commercial and auto racing photographer with numerous clients and publications being published throughout the world. He followed with an exploration of cinematography, becoming a respected director of photography winning awards for his work. Over the past decade, Peter has returned to his roots and his love of the still camera, concentrating on fine art B&W work. Some of his influences include Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Brad Washburn, and Weston.

Working primarily in medium format film as well as digital. Peter does NOT manipulate any of his images by digital photo or graphics programs except for standard darkroom type techniques like dodging and burning. All of his prints are custom archival prints signed and numbered in limited edition runs. His work hangs in Galleries and private collections throughout North America, Canada, and Europe. He has had many solo exhibitions and won awards throughout the US. His work has been chosen for display at the International Environmental Film Festival, and The International Conference On Global Warning. His work is part of the permanent collections of Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, VT and St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, in Los Angeles. His work is also featured prominently in the Vermont Life magazine-Winter Issue 2010/11.

Peter proudly calls central Vermont his home where he lives on 36 forested acres with his wife Jacqueline and his favorite assistant-their dog Snowball, and one small tractor, exploring new visual possibilities. He is an avid naturalist and environmentalist, yet remains an old gear head. He also teaches classic photographic technique on a selective basis and dabbles with furniture design.

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